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We are the sole owners of Saint Oriental kittens cattery and will continue to be directly involved with day to day operations.

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Saint Oriental kittens cattery is highly known for breeding and nurturing Kittens in a loving and caring manner, and we give them out to a true loving family who cares much about them. Contact us now to get your new fur baby home. We make sure our clients get the recent views of our Oriental kittens. We update our online gallery on a daily basis. This is to ensure that our clients are up to date with our Oriental kittens. The care and protection and the living conditions of our Oriental kittens are paramount to us. We take pride in raising healthy, happy, quality breed Kittens. This is why we offer a lifetime health guarantee.

Oriental kittens

Welcome to Saint Oriental kittens cattery We are the sole owners of Saint Oriental kittens cattery and will continue to be directly involved with day to day operations. Saint Oriental kittens cattery is highly known for breeding and nurturing Kittens in a loving and caring manner, and we give them out to a true loving family who cares much about them.

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Recurring vet check-ups will also help you make sure your Kitten is a healthy weight & check for issues like heartworms. You’ll give these pills to your Cat once-per-month to prevent mosquitoes from possibly passing heartworms to your Cat which can be fatal. If you don’t plan on breeding your Cat it’s also a good idea to talk to the vet about spaying or neutering. This helps prevent issues with other Cats, improves behavior & eliminates some potential health issues.

Our Mission

We focus on improvement of the breed. What this means to us is that we always make a conscious effort to study the health, temperament, conformation and pedigrees of our Cats, and make any needed improvements when planning our breeding. When we breed, we are always looking for our next home bred champion! or better still good and perfect homes.



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Working with Kim was a breeze throughout the adoption process! She went to great lengths to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. From the beginning, our little Calypso is really affectionate and gentle. Not to mention in peak physical condition! If you’re seeking to adopt a Oriental Kitten, these are the people to contact!!


My wife and I are allergic to cats and dogs to the point of death. We discovered Orientals ten years ago and bought one from Saint Oriental kittens cattery, followed by another kitten eight years later, and now another kitten three months ago. If we pet them and then rub our eyes, we can still have a mild reaction. Almost imperceptible! It’s really worthwhile to have them in our lives!


We purchased Luka from Saint Oriental kittens cattery around 8 years ago because I am allergic to cats. I take allergy medication on a daily basis. I ran out of medicines recently and went a week without them. I’ve never had an issue snuggling with him every day, even when I wasn’t on medicines. The best decision I’ve ever made.


Our Oriental Kitten have been with us for 9 years. My daughter has known them since she was a child. Recently, we acquired a sphynx kitten. My daughter has a sphynx allergy. Because she has only been around Orientals, she had no idea she was allergic to cats! But we happy to when we buy Oriental Cat from Saint Oriental kittens cattery.


We purchased Luka from Saint Oriental kittens cattery around 8 years ago because I am allergic to cats. I take allergy medication on a daily basis. I ran out of medicines recently and went a week without them. I’ve never had an issue snuggling with him every day, even when I wasn’t on medicines. The best decision I’ve ever made.


Although I am not allergic to cats, we adopted our little boy through Saint Oriental kittens cattery. We went him to see a beloved friend who has a cat allergy. We stayed there for a few days. She held him against her face and nuzzled him without any allergic reaction. She went to Oriental Cats & Kittens to get a kitten for her mother, who lives with her. And She hasn’t had any allergies since then, which is two years ago.


My beautiful boy has me completely smitten! He’s incredible and kind, and he gets along with kids, cats, and dogs. We took off right away! After all, why not? Kim clearly understands what she’s doing. Mom and dad get to stay with their kittens right up until they go for their new homes, which is my favorite part! I’ve never met somebody who is that accommodating. She takes you through every step of the process. Answers all of the issues and queries. It even teaches you how to care for such a magnificent creature. And, unlike others, she ensures that you can communicate with her after you’ve received your bundle of joy. A++ from Saint Oriental kittens cattery.


Getting a new cat from someone you’ve never met might be frightening and risky. I reside in Ohio, and in December, I adopted Nelly, a beautiful cat from Saint Oriental kittens cattery. Despite the fact that we were separated by thousands of miles, Kim made me feel quite at ease and safe about my purchase. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in every area of obtaining a high-quality kitten. My Nelly is a lovely young lady who is sweet, intelligent, well-acquainted, and attractive! Have no apprehensions about going through Saint Oriental kittens cattery. With all the scammers out there, I can tell you that she is exactly what they claim to be. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE! Thank you very much!


Oriental Cat Kittens For Sale: What To Expect

When considering the purchase of Oriental Cat Kitten, it is important to consider a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of his cats. At Purebred Kitties, you will find Oriental kittens for sale, born and raised in a home-family environment by hand-picked professional breeders that are registered with USDA, TICA, WCF, or CFA.

Oriental cats are a rare and sought-after breed, which is why you may see “Oriental cat for sale” or “Oriental kittens for sale” listings online. But before you bring one of these cats into your home, here’s what you can expect.

Oriental cats require regular grooming to maintain their luxurious coats. Their short hair makes them relatively low-maintenance, but regular brushing and occasional baths are still necessary. Additionally, they have few health issues, but it’s crucial to keep up with routine veterinary check-ups and vaccinations to ensure their well-being.

One of the remarkable traits of Oriental cats is their playful nature. They are intelligent and curious, always seeking stimulation and interaction. Engaging them with toys and puzzles will keep them mentally stimulated and entertained.

When bringing an Oriental cat home, make sure to create a safe and stimulating environment. They thrive in households with attentive owners who can provide ample playtime and affection. These cats also tend to get along well with children and other pets, making them a wonderful addition to family life.

We, at, believe in providing our customers with healthy and happy Oriental Kittens. That’s why before putting the kitten up for adoption, we conduct tests for various health conditions such as Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)Feline Leukemia Virus/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV/FELV)

When you adopt an Oriental Kitten from us at, you can rest assured that it has received age-appropriate vaccines and deworming. We also provide our customers with a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, attesting to the health of the Oriental Kitten. Our Oriental Kittens also come with a purebred pedigree and a microchip to ensure their identification and safety.

Introduction To The Oriental Cat

The Oriental cat breed, including Oriental Shorthair cats, has gained popularity among feline enthusiasts. If you’re searching for Oriental cats for sale near you, these elegant and playful companions might capture your heart. With their unique physical characteristics, such as striking coat colors and patterns, and captivating almond-shaped eyes, Oriental cats stand out.

Their intelligence and curiosity make them great companions for those seeking an active and engaging feline friend. Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or a first-time adopter, Oriental cats offer a delightful and affectionate addition to your household.

Let’s learn more about this stunning feline breed.

Physical Characteristics of Oriental Cats

When it comes to the physical characteristics of Oriental cats, these feline beauties truly stand out. Oriental cats often exhibit unique features that make them incredibly captivating.

The Oriental Shorthair cats, in particular, boast a remarkable appearance that sets them apart. Their sleek and slender bodies are accentuated by a variety of coat colors and patterns, from solid shades to intricate tabby designs. If you’re looking for an Egyptian Oriental cat, prepare to be amazed by its exotic allure.

One distinct feature that catches the eye is their mesmerizing eyes. Oriental Shorthair cats can have stunning almond-shaped eyes that come in various hues, ranging from vivid green to deep sapphire blue. This adds to their charm and gives them an intense gaze that is hard to resist.

Moreover, some Oriental cats have large, expressive ears that add to their overall elegance and give them a unique silhouette.

Their lithe and agile bodies enable Oriental cats to move with grace and agility, making them quite the athletes. Whether they’re chasing toys or performing acrobatic feats, their nimbleness is truly a sight to behold. Maintaining their sleek coats is relatively easy, as their short hair requires minimal grooming. Regular brushing helps keep their fur in top condition, removing loose hairs and preventing matting.

Care and Grooming Tips for Oriental Cats

When it comes to caring for Oriental cats, proper grooming plays a crucial role in keeping them healthy and looking their best. Whether you have Oriental cats or already own one, here are essential care and grooming tips to keep in mind.

Regular brushing is essential for Oriental Shorthair cats, especially those with a shorter coat.

Use a soft-bristled brush to remove loose hair and prevent matting. For Oriental Longhair cats, daily brushing is recommended to maintain their luscious coats and prevent tangles.

Oriental cats are generally clean animals, but they still require regular bathing to keep their coats fresh and free of dirt and oils. Use a mild cat shampoo and ensure the water temperature is comfortable for them.

Remember to dry them thoroughly after each bath to prevent chilling.

Trimming their nails regularly is essential to prevent discomfort and potential scratching accidents. Provide a scratching post or a dedicated scratching surface to help them keep their nails in good condition and prevent them from damaging furniture.

To ensure optimal health, regular dental care is crucial. Establish a dental routine early on by introducing toothbrushing gradually. Use cat-friendly toothpaste and a toothbrush designed for feline use.

Lastly, don’t forget to schedule regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations for your Oriental cat. Your veterinarian can provide personalized advice on grooming and care specific to your cat’s needs.

Oriental Cats Breeds and Variations 

If you’re searching for exquisite cat breeds, look no further than Oriental cats. With their elegant and distinctive features, these feline companions captivate pet lovers worldwide. When it comes to Oriental cats, there are various breeds and enticing variations to consider, including Oriental ShorthairEgyptian Oriental, and Oriental Longhair.

For those seeking Oriental cats, the Oriental Shorthair cats are a popular choice. Their sleek coats come in a range of captivating colors and patterns, making them truly eye-catching. If you’re specifically interested in Egyptian Oriental cats, their unique traits and origins add an intriguing touch to these already enchanting felines.

Owning an Oriental cat offers companionship and a lively temperament. These playful and affectionate cats thrive on interaction, making them a delightful addition to any household. Whether you opt for an Oriental cat or choose to adopt a rescue, their intelligence and curiosity will keep you entertained.

When it comes to grooming, Oriental cats are relatively low maintenance. Regular brushing helps keep their coat in top condition. Additionally, ensure they receive proper veterinary care to address any potential health issues.

With their charm and captivating presence, Oriental cats have carved a place for themselves in literature, art, and pop culture. These iconic feline figures have left their pawprints throughout history, captivating the hearts of many.

Living with an Oriental Cat

Living with an Oriental cat can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. If you’re searching for Oriental cats, you’ll discover the unique qualities that make them wonderful companions.

Oriental Shorthair Cats are known for their stunning appearance and sleek coats. Their playful and affectionate nature adds an extra dose of joy to your daily life.

When it comes to living with an Oriental cat, it’s important to create a suitable environment for their needs. These cats thrive in interactive settings and enjoy the company of their human family. Whether you have children or other pets, Oriental cats tend to be adaptable and can form strong bonds with everyone around them.

Training and bonding with Oriental Shorthair Kittens is a rewarding process. They are intelligent and quick learners, making them receptive to commands and tricks. Litter box training is usually a breeze with their natural instincts.

To ensure their well-being, regular veterinary check-ups are essential. While Oriental cats are generally healthy, it’s important to be aware of common health issues they may face. Taking preventive measures and providing a balanced diet will help maintain their optimal health.

If you’re considering bringing an Oriental cat into your home, remember to find a reputable breeder like us saintsorientalkittenscattery. The joy of owning an Oriental cat is unmatched, and their presence will bring warmth and happiness to your life. With their striking looks and playful personalities, Oriental cats are truly captivating companions.

Training and Behavioral Guidance for Oriental Cats

When it comes to training and guiding the behavior of Oriental cats, a few key considerations can help create a harmonious environment for both the cat and the owner. Whether you are looking for an Oriental cat or already have one as a beloved companion, understanding their unique traits is essential.

Oriental cats are known for their intelligence and curiosity, making them receptive to training. To start, focus on litter box training, as it sets the foundation for good behavior. When acquiring Oriental shorthair kittens, introduce them to the litter box early on and reward them for using it correctly.

Positive reinforcement is key in training Oriental cats. Rewarding desired behaviors with treats, praise, and playtime will motivate them to continue performing well. Patience is essential, as these cats can be sensitive and may require time to adjust to new routines.

To prevent behavioral issues, provide mental stimulation and plenty of playtimes. Interactive toys and puzzle feeders are excellent options to keep them engaged and prevent boredom. Consider setting up vertical spaces, such as cat trees or shelves, as Oriental cats love climbing and exploring their surroundings.

Remember to maintain a consistent routine and avoid punishment-based training methods. Oriental cats respond best to gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. If you encounter challenges, consult with a professional cat behaviorist or seek advice from experienced Oriental cats owners.

By investing time and effort into training and behavioral guidance, you can foster a strong bond with your Oriental cat and create a happy and well-adjusted companion. Whether you have an Egyptian Oriental cat or an Oriental Shorthair kitten, the rewards of a well-behaved and contented feline friend are immeasurable.

Recommended Diet And Exercise Routines For Oriental Cats

Ensuring proper diet and exercise routines for Oriental cats is crucial for their overall health and well-being. If you’re considering adopting or already owning an Oriental cat, understanding their dietary needs and exercise requirements is essential to maintain their active and agile nature.

Diet: When it comes to the diet of Oriental cats, it is important to provide them with high-quality cat food specifically formulated for their nutritional needs. Look for brands that offer a balanced mix of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Oriental shorthair cats can benefit from a diet that supports their lean body structure. Consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate portion sizes and feeding frequency based on your cat’s age, weight, and activity level.

Exercise: Oriental cats are known for their energetic and playful personalities, making regular exercise a must. Engage your Oriental cat in interactive play sessions using toys such as feather wands or puzzle toys that stimulate their hunting instincts. Creating vertical spaces with cat trees or shelves allows them to climb and explore. Encouraging active play and providing scratching posts can help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Maintaining a recommended diet and exercise routine is vital to keep Oriental cats happy and healthy. Consider the dietary needs specific to Oriental cats and provide them with high-quality food. Engaging them in regular exercise sessions will help prevent obesity and promote their overall well-being. Remember, consulting with your veterinarian is crucial to tailor the diet and exercise routines according to your Oriental cat’s individual needs. By following these guidelines, you can provide your Oriental cat with a well-rounded lifestyle that promotes their natural instincts and enhances their overall quality of life.

Socialize A Oriental Cat With Other Pets And People

When bringing home an Oriental cat, socialization plays a crucial role in ensuring a harmonious environment with other pets and people. Whether you are looking for Oriental cats or already have one, follow these essential tips to help your feline friend adapt and thrive in their new social circles.

Introducing an Oriental Kitten to other pets requires patience and gradual integration. Start by creating a separate space for your new cat, allowing them to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Once they feel comfortable, carefully introduce them to your existing pets. Monitor their interactions closely, providing positive reinforcement and rewards for good behavior.

To socialize your Oriental cawith people, encourage regular and positive human interaction. Gently expose them to different individuals, including family members, friends, and even strangers. Offer treats and praise during these encounters to create positive associations.

Remember to provide ample mental and physical stimulation for your Oriental cat. Engage them in interactive play sessions and offer scratching posts or climbing trees to keep them active and entertained. This will prevent boredom and reduce the likelihood of behavioral issues.

All in all, Oriental cats require intentional socialization efforts. By gradually introducing them to other pets and exposing them to various individuals, you can help your Oriental cat become a well-adjusted and sociable companion. With time, patience, and consistent positive reinforcement, your Oriental cat will form strong bonds and thrive in their social environment.

Oriental Cat Price Range: How Much To Expect

If you’re captivated by the elegance and charm of Oriental cats, you may be wondering about their price range. Whether you’re searching for Oriental cats or considering getting an Oriental shorthair or longhair cat, understanding the potential costs involved is essential.

The price of Oriental cats can vary depending on various factors, including breed, lineage, age, and the reputation of the breeder. For those looking for specific traits, such as Egyptian Oriental cats or those with unique features like big ears, the price range may be slightly higher due to their rarity.

On average, Oriental cats can range from $2500 to $3,000, with some exceptional specimens commanding prices above this range. Oriental shorthair cats, known for their sleek and short coats, tend to be more readily available and may fall within the lower end of the price spectrum.

When it comes to Oriental Kittens, the price can also be influenced by factors such as coat color, patterns, and the demand for certain traits. Additionally, location can play a role, as prices may differ between regions and breeders.

It’s important to note that the cost of acquiring an Oriental cat is just the beginning. Owning a cat involves ongoing expenses such as veterinary care, vaccinations, grooming, food, and toys. Responsible breeders often ensure that their cats are in good health and may provide initial vaccinations or spaying/neutering, but these factors can affect the overall price as well.

We, at, breed healthy, happy cats with good temperaments. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our own breeding program. We have built a platform where reputable breeders can sell their kittens, and we do the heavy lifting for our customers.

We conduct thorough background checks and health checks to ensure that only healthy kittens are listed on our platform. We also provide a health guarantee and a secure payment system to give our customers peace of mind when purchasing their new furry friend. Our platform allows customers to safely and easily purchase kittens with high satisfaction, knowing that they are getting a healthy and well-socialized kitten from a reputable breeder.

By trusting Saint, you can ensure that you get the best possible value for your money and a cat that will be a loving companion for years to come.

Finding an Oriental Cat Breeder: Tips and Considerations

If you’re considering adding an Oriental Kitten to your family, finding a reputable breeder is crucial. However, visiting breeders in person and taking the time to find the right one can be time-consuming and stressful. At, we make it easy for you to find and purchase your new kitten online from the comfort of your own home.

Our platform features a selection of Oriental Kittens from reputable breeders who have passed our rigorous background and health checks. You can browse through our listings and find the perfect kitten for you without leaving your home.

We also offer multiple delivery options for your convenience. You can choose to pick up your kitten from our facility in Wilmington, Delaware, or from PHL Airport. If you’re located within 350 miles of our facility, you can opt for our ground delivery service, which is calculated automatically at checkout based on the distance.

For customers who live farther away, we offer air delivery via American Airlines Cargo for $580 to all states. If you prefer, you can also choose air delivery with a nanny for $970 to all states. This option allows your kitten to travel in the cabin with a trained nanny, ensuring their safety and comfort during transport.

With saintsorientalkittenscattery, finding a reputable Oriental Kitten breeder and purchasing your new kitten online has never been easier. Our platform provides a stress-free experience, and our delivery options make it convenient for you to receive your new furry family member.

Oriental Catteries: What To Look For

When searching for Oriental cats, it’s crucial to find a reputable cattery that ensures the health and well-being of these captivating felines. Whether you’re interested in Oriental Shorthair cats or Oriental Longhair kittens, knowing what to look for in a cattery is essential to make an informed decision.

Start by searching for “Oriental cats for sale near me” or “Oriental shorthair cats for sale” to find local catteries. It’s important to visit the cattery in person if possible, to observe the living conditions and meet the breeders. Take note of the cleanliness and the overall environment. A responsible cattery will prioritize the health and happiness of its cats, providing them with ample space, enrichment, and socialization opportunities.

When considering Egyptian Oriental cats or any other type, inquire about the breeder’s experience and credentials. They should be knowledgeable about the breed, its characteristics, and potential health issues. A reputable cattery will conduct necessary health screenings and vaccinations to ensure the well-being of their kittens.

Look for catteries that prioritize the socialization and temperament of their Oriental cats. Well-socialized kittens tend to grow into confident, friendly adults. Ask if the cattery exposes their kittens to various stimuli and provides them with early socialization experiences.

Additionally, reputable catteries will offer ongoing support and guidance even after you bring your Oriental cat home. They should be willing to answer any questions you may have and provide information on proper care, grooming, and nutrition.

Purchasing a kitten online is a good option. When you are adopting a kitten from us,, you can rest assured that you will get the best service. We offer secure payment options and scam protections to give you peace of mind during the buying process. Plus, our delivery options make it easy for you to receive your new kitten right at your doorstep. We prioritize the well-being of our cats, and we take great care in raising them in a clean and spacious environment.

Oriental Cats for Sale: Where to Find Them

If you’re searching for Oriental cats, you’re in luck! These exquisite felines with their distinctive features and captivating personalities are a popular choice for many cat enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for Oriental Shorthair cats or Egyptian Oriental cats, there are various options available to bring these beautiful companions into your life.

When it comes to finding Oriental cats for sale near you, it’s essential to start your search in reputable places. One way to begin is by exploring local pet shelters and rescue organizations. They may have Oriental Kittens or adult cats looking for loving homes. Adoption not only gives these cats a second chance but also offers you the opportunity to welcome a new member into your family.

Another option is to search for “oriental cats for sale near me”, “oriental shorthair cats for sale”, “egyptian oriental cat for sale”, “oriental shorthair cat for sale near me”, “oriental big ear cat for sale”, “oriental cats for sale”, “oriental shorthair cat for sale”, “oriental cat for sale”, “oriental cat for sale”, “oriental shorthair kittens for sale near me”, “oriental shorthair kittens for sale”, “oriental cats for sale“, “oriental short hair kittens for sale”, “oriental kittens for sale” or “oriental shorthair kittens for sale” online. You can find breeders near you who prioritize the welfare of their cats.

There are also a number of online pet marketplaces that specialize in connecting buyers with sellers of pets of all kinds, including Oriental cats. When looking for breeders online, make sure to read reviews and check for any red flags before making a purchase. Consider as a breeder before considering other breeders.

You may also want to consider adopting an Oriental from a rescue organization or shelter. While it can be more difficult to find a specific breed at a shelter, it is still worth checking to see if there are any available. Adopting an Oriental Kitten can be a rewarding experience, and you may even be saving a cat’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oriental Cats

Here are some frequently asked questions about Oriental cats, including keywords that you provided:

What are the characteristics of Oriental Shorthair cats?

Oriental Shorthair cats are known for their sleek bodies, vibrant coat colors, and large, expressive ears. They possess a playful and sociable nature, making them ideal companions.

How do I care for an Oriental cat?

Proper care involves providing a balanced diet, engaging in regular play sessions, and grooming their short or long coat, depending on the breed. Ensure they have a safe and stimulating environment.

Are there any health issues associated with Oriental cats?

While Oriental cats are generally healthy, they may be prone to dental problems and respiratory issues. Regular veterinary check-ups and a well-balanced diet can help maintain their well-being.

Can Oriental cats get along with children and other pets?

Yes, Oriental cats are known for their social nature and can form strong bonds with children and other pets. Early socialization and gradual introductions are key to successful integration.

How can I find Oriental Kittensfor sale near me?

To find Oriental Kittens, reach out to local breeders or check online classifieds. Consider attending cat shows and contacting rescue organizations specializing in Oriental breeds.


If you’re considering adding a feline companion to your home, the enchanting world of Oriental cats beckons with its irresistible allure. With Oriental cats, such as Oriental Shorthair catsEgyptian Oriental cats and kittens of various colors and patterns, these captivating creatures offer a unique and rewarding pet ownership experience.

Oriental cats possess an array of endearing qualities that make them ideal companions for individuals and families alike. Their playful and affectionate nature ensures that they will bring boundless joy and entertainment to your daily life. Whether it’s chasing toys, engaging in interactive play, or curling up in your lap for a snuggle, these feline darlings are guaranteed to fill your days with love and laughter.

Caring for an Oriental cat is a fulfilling responsibility that can be easily managed. Regular grooming and an appropriate diet ensure their glossy coats and overall well-being. With a moderate exercise requirement, they adapt well to indoor living, making them suitable for various living environments.

But it’s not just their charm and low-maintenance nature that sets Oriental cats apart. Their striking appearances, including big ears and expressive eyes, make them true head-turners. Imagine the pride of owning an Oriental Shorthair cat with its sleek coat and captivating gaze or the elegance of an Egyptian Oriental cat with its timeless beauty.

So, if you’re seeking a devoted and spirited feline companion, Oriental cats are an excellent choice. Whether you’re a seasoned cat lover or a first-time owner, these enchanting creatures will grace your life with their playful antics and unwavering affection. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home an Oriental cat—explore the available Oriental cats and embark on a rewarding journey filled with love, companionship, and endless purrs of contentment.

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Living With Oriental Shorthair Cats

Parents can tell when the Oriental gains weight. Oriental cats show a pot belly even after indulging in one day of over eating. The nutrition must be carefully controlled for this breed. The long, slim legs are not made to hold a fat body.

Orientals are great jumpers and love heights. For this reason, perches and cat trees should be provided. Oriental cats love to play and appreciate toys around the house for their pleasure. While the coat needs little care, the Oriental Shorthair associates brushing with affection and will enjoy being groomed. As elegant as the Oriental looks, she can be quite a lap cat. She is extremely affectionate and will sleep next to her parent in bed.

The History of Oriental Shorthair Cats

In the 1910s and 1920s in Britain, the Siamese cat was extremely popular. Part of the attraction was the unusual color restriction or pointing. Because of this coloring, breeders determined that all solid colors should be excluded from this breed. The name "foreign shorthair" was given to the first solid color Siamese cats. These cats, which had a myriad of colors and patterns, are now known under the breed name Oriental.

The Oriental is essentially a Siamese cat with a different coat color. A breeding program of Orientals may produce some cats that carry the color restricted pattern of the Siamese, but they are still considered Orientals.

Over time Orientals produced some longhair kittens. These are now recognized as a separate breed called the Oriental longhair. The Oriental longhairs are much less common than are Orientals with short hair.